Measuring the

Total Economic Impact (TEI)

Podcast transcription can be found over here.

Stefan and I decided to record a little "encore" session for our series, as it is such an important and related topic: the Forrester TEI (Total Economic Impcat) study on Neo4j's graph platform-see the press release or download the report yourself from https://neo4j.com/whitepapers/forrester-total-economic-impact/ .

As expected, the study - which was commissioned by Neo4j, but executed in all independence - found a great return on investment. We discuss the nature of that return in our session, and conclude that it's actually a massive UNDER-estimation of the return, based on the fact that it's mainly looking at the IT-centric savings and optimisations. The process that Forrester went though and the way that they calculated the impact, is actually super interesting and should interest anyone that has followed our Quest.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!